Grow your solar business effortlessly


We help your solar business increase leads, drive conversions and create a customer experience your competitors would dream of, with our solar sales platform.


Turn your website into a powerful platform for getting more leads


Solar Captus is a software platform that automates and streamlines the entire sales process for solar and batteries and offers full control every step of the way. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your website and provides a friendly, online experience to guide homeowners through the solar buying process in just a few simple, automated steps. By combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, handling leads has never been easier.


We give you everything you need to build a winning solar business


Boost sales
Qualify leads automatically and give your customers tailored quotes online 24/7 with our state of the art technology.


Smarter marketing
Analyse all incoming quote requests and leverage data insights to improve the performance of your marketing.


Better info
Our simple, online process removes manual effort and collects all necessary information on a customer in a matter of clicks.



Data shows that our software can reduce the cost of sales by 65% compared to traditional over-the-phone methods.


Benefit from great features that will save you time and effort


Instant roof analysis

We use our own in-house AI, compiling big data and aerial images to auto-assess properties in seconds. Simply enter a street address and we’ll calculate the roof’s solar potential.

Even if it’s after hours, Solar Captus is available to your customers. People can check their roof’s potential 24/7 from any place with our truly unique self-service solution.

*High resolution imagery availability varies with region.


Online system configurator

Give your customers a tailored price estimate and an overview of their savings with our online system configurator. With just a few simple questions on a home's energy use, our technology guides the user in selecting the right solar and battery system for their home. The configurator allows the user to customise a preferred system, instantly and online, by choosing from a range of solar products and battery systems without needing to have any prior knowledge.

This system can then easily be adjusted at any time to their specific budget and preferences. This way you no longer have to waste time sending PDF quotes back and forth between you and your customers, without having any commitment.


Online home assessment

As part of the online home assessment, we ask the user to answer a set of questions and upload a few photos of their property. This additional step makes it easy for you to collect all necessary information on a customer’s property, without encountering the additional expense of having someone come out to do an unnecessary site visit.


Online order processing

We’re building towards a solution that lets you easily manage the entire process from lead generation to purchase and up until the point of installation. Our platform can already help you with the time-consuming task of processing quotes and sending follow-ups.

With us, you simply upload your final quotes via the platform and we’ll take care of the rest. We notify the customer with automated follow-ups and let them accept the quote online. If you like, you can even use a single dashboard to manage all your leads, track progress and gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow.


Leverage data insights for personalized marketing to convert more leads over time.


Our platform can easily be tailored to your company's needs and preferences


Energy suppliers

Connect your customers with a network of high-quality solar installers in a matter of clicks through an easy and online experience.


Solar installers

Digitally transform the way to handle quote requests and offer the best possible experience to your customers.


We’re a passionate team of developers, engineers and experience designers bound by one, clear vision —  to guide the world's shift to sustainable energy!

When we started a successful solar business back in 2016, we were surprised that there was no easy way to sell solar and batteries online. So we decided to build the tools ourselves and founded Solar Captus in 2017.


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